About Us

“Without community, there can be no liberation”. Audre Lorde.

Welcome to the website for the Open Door Community Foundation.

The Foundation has grown from, and is developing further, the pioneering community-building work of Hodge Hill Church.

We seek to make a distinctive and significant contribution to the wellbeing of people in our neighbourhoods through:

  • Unlocking and connecting local people’s passions, knowledge and skills
  • Working with people to help them overcome barriers to them making confident contributions within their neighbourhood
  • Being a ‘seedbed’ for innovative forms of local, associational life

We also seek to work, in collaboration with partner organisations, to nurture a wider learning community of neighbourhoods and faith communities, growing relationships of mutual learning and support to enable locally-rooted initiatives to incubate and develop.

We work using the principles and practices of Asset-Based Community Development, also known as ABCD.

Please enjoy our website. Find out about the activities we do and the things we are trying to achieve.

Open Door Community Foundation, Company Ltd by Guarantee, company number 9549202 (19th April 2015). Registered Charity, charity number 1164850 (15th December 2015)

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