Open Door Drop-In

Open Door is what it says. Every Tuesday, from 10am until 12, at The Hub (146 Bromford Drive, Birmingham B36 8TY), the door is open, the kettle is on, and there are people around with friendly faces, a warm welcome, and a listening ear.

People might come to Open Door with ‘needs’, but we welcome everyone through the door as a human being with skills, knowledge and passions that they can unlock and share with others. Together we want to turn ‘I need’ into ‘I can’.

We offer support around:

  • finding work
  • writing CVs
  • managing money
  • internet access and IT skills
  • confidence-building
  • volunteering opportunities
  • finding childcare
  • accessing advice & services
  • turning ideas into reality

So come along and join us. The kettle is always on!

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