Street Connectors

Our Street Connectors project is about identifying local people who are natural ‘connectors’ on their street, and supporting them to do more intentionally what they do naturally. This includes getting to know more of their neighbours, unearthing new passions, gifts and skills on their street, holding street ‘gatherings’ (e.g. coffee mornings, BBQs, picnics), and supporting neighbours to develop new groups and activities. Our Street Connector mentor is in place to support this process, encourage people to become active and involved in the programme and mentor those wishing to develop an idea into a new group, project or activity.

So would you like to get involved? Could you host an event near your house? Would you love to help make more happen in your community. Get in-touch to find out more by contact Paul Wright our Street Connector Mentor at the Hub or call 0121 448 3739.

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