Together We Can! Annual Evaluation Report – Year 1

We invite you to take a read of our very first annual evaluation report for TogetherWeCan! In it you will find an introduction to the project, and the Firs and Bromford neighbourhood in which we live and work. We will take you on a journey through the first year of the project, from our initial plans and hopes for it, through what has actually happened this year, to what we have heard from our neighbours about the difference it has made so far. You will find stories of a neighbourhood that has more places where people can feel like they belong, and of neighbours who feel more connected to each other, more able to overcome obstacles to living flourishing lives, and more able to share their passions and skills with each other.

A core commitment of the TogetherWeCan! project is to open up a space to experiment – to try out ideas and approaches that are ‘locally-grown’, innovative, and sometimes even a bit risky – and to learn from those experiments, both from what has gone well, and from what has proved more difficult. Here, then, we will also share some of what we have learnt so far – and what we’re planning and hoping to do in the next year of the project.

Come with us on the journey!

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Together We Can! Evaluation Report – Year 1 (2017)

compiled by

Revd Dr Al Barrett, ODCF Trustee,
TWC! project manager

Jane Perry, Freelance Social Researcher,
TWC! external evaluation support

Together We Can! Is a partnership project between Open Door Community Foundation, Worth Unlimited, and Firs & Bromford Neighbours Together.  The project is jointly funded by The Big Lottery Reaching Communities and Big Local in Firs & Bromford.

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